A Foraging Bag

The foraging bag, unfolded

This is something I’ve been working on for the past week. I’m still in the early stages of designing it, but I thought I would share some of the prototypes I’ve been working on. Keep in mind, THESE ARE ONLY PROTOTYPES, they’re only going to resemble the final outcome somewhat. The idea came to me when I was out walking in Sydenham Wood and I kept noticing plants that I could have taken, but I didn’t have a bag and I wasn’t 100% positive they were the plants I thought they were. If I had gone out with the intent of foraging I would have brought a bag and my handy dandy foraging guide. Alas, I hadn’t planned on foraging so I had neither of these.

All packed away, with room for cards

So, I’ve created this bag, that folds into a double-sided pouch. One side of the pouch will hold a series of foraging cards that I have yet to design. These cards will include the most common and easily identifiable forage-able plants along with tips on how to harvest them and what to do with them afterwards. The other side of the pouch holds a collapsible bag that folds out to hold your findings.

For this prototype I have made everything out of calico, which is both cheap and freely available in the workshop at Goldsmiths for me. I think for the final object, which probably will undergo a few redesigns to get it just right, I will construct the bag out of ripstop nylon and the pouch out of the same burlap fabric I made those collapsible pots out of. I think I will stick to the light green bonding as well to give the kit a cohesive look.

A ripstop nylon version, sans pouch

I have already begun to play around with some ripstop nylon that was available in the workshop. Unfortunately, it’s a horrid shade of blue, but it has already begun to give me ideas. While nylon is perhaps not as renewable as natural materials, what it offers in thinness and strength really can’t be beat. For a collapsible bag, these two factors are crucial. I’ve already gone ahead and ordered 5 metres of olive coloured ripstop nylon to make these bags out of. I think it is surplus military parachute fabric. I think the olive colour not only matches the burlap and green bonding, but also won’t look so bad when stained by freshly cut plants.

I’ll keep posting on the progress I make with this object, but however  it turns out, it’s going in the self-sufficiency kit. Foraging is too easy and rewarding of a project to be excluded.


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